Replacing your driveway is a simple four-part system we call the “Unique Transformation”! 

Step 1: Rip out the existing aged, cracked, off-level, or deteriorating concrete and haul material away to a dump site.

Step 2: We then shoot elevation with an engineering transit level to ensure proper drainage away from your home.  After designating the proper pitch, we begin building out forms for your new driveway, installed to the exact dimensions specified on date of consultation. Once forms are laid out and approved by you, we check grounds for soggy, wet, soft soils and remove them. Crushed concrete or 21-AA is used as new base for your driveway and is compacted by ground compactor to ensure solid base for your new installation.

Step 3: In this step, we pour new concrete, which is 6-bag mix or 4,000 PSI concrete into form work. Concrete is poured and leveled with a magnesium straight edge, pulled by experts, insuring you are left with a flat level surface. The freshly poured concrete is then hand-finished by our skilled craftsman to remove all minor imperfections from the pouring process, and is then broomed with your choice of finish. Unique cement offers four different types of finish:
-Straight Broom (Standard)
-Swirl Broom (Unique Cement Exclusive)

Step 4: After waiting the necessary time for concrete to dry, we then saw cut stress cuts or control joints with a walk-behind saw. We utilize this method for two main reasons; one is that it is a clean 1/16” cut that weeds or pesticides cannot grow in. The second reason being we can control the concrete’s stress factors, thereby preventing your new driveway installation from cracking. After the driveway is saw cut, the entire project is then power washed to remove excess debris, and the job site is cleaned up. After waiting the necessary curing time, the driveway is ready to use & enjoy!

For any questions on the “Unique Transformation” please feel free to contact us!
We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a hassle-free in-home estimate.