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If you live in Michigan, odds are that at some point you’re going to have to have your driveway replaced. With the drastic fluctuations in temperature common to Michigan’s climate, concrete (especially low-quality concrete) will shrink and expand, leading to cracking, shifting and spalling. The end result is a huge problem for any homeowner who cares about the look of their home! 

At Unique Cement, we want you to feel safe trusting in southeast Michigan’s best concrete driveway replacement contractor. We’ll stand by you every step of the way, keeping you involved in our process, and within just a few days, we can transform your cracked, stained or off-level driveway into a beautiful, fresh new concrete installation, ready to welcome you and your loved ones in style. Whether you just want plain concrete or are looking for something more fancy from our selection of decorative concretes, we can take your driveway to the next level at a price that works with your budget. If you are considering a full driveway replacement, give us a call today and schedule a free in-home estimate so we can get to work bringing out the best in your home.


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Unique Cement’s concrete driveway replacement process.

Replacing your driveway is a simple four-part system we call the “Unique Transformation”. Unique Cement specializes in driveway replacement in Macomb and Oakland County, Michigan. We remove all old existing concrete and materials, then frame and install a new driveway reinforced with steel. Then we minimize the chance of the cement cracking by saw cutting. We use a 6 bag mix concrete and steel rebar for reinforcing the concrete to prevent settling, cracking, and the concrete from moving. With over 30 years of experience working with concrete, we can guarantee a well built driveway that will last.

Step 1: Tear out existing concrete driveway and prep the work area.

The first stage involves the preparation necessary to replace your driveway. We break up and tear out all the old cement, then frame out the area where you wish to have your new driveway installed. Careful laying of forms is necessary to make sure that the final product is even and clean-cut. We lay down crushed concrete, which is compacted to ensure a level surface to pour on, and steel rebar, which will provide an extra level of stability to the finished driveway. Once that’s all done, it’s time to pour.


Step 2: Pour concrete and finish it smooth, swirl pattern or broom finish.

Our trucks arrive at the job full up and ready to go. Concrete is evenly poured throughout the work area and then carefully smoothed to produce an attractive and functional flat surface. Once the whole form is filled, Unique’s trained crews use special techniques to broom or swirl a faint texture to the surface of the concrete, based on your preference. We can give it a smooth, brushed, or swirled appearance – check out our gallery to see more.  


Step 3: Saw-cut and let cure.

To prevent cracking or shifting in the future, expansion joints are carefully saw-cut into the concrete. These joints are placed strategically to avoid disrupting the look of your concrete while allowing each slab the necessary flexibility to move slightly with weather changes. Proper saw cutting is extremely important to the durability of your new concrete creation, and Unique Cement uses specialty diamond-cut saw blades to produce clean, unobtrusive cuts at exactly the correct width. Once the concrete has set, it’s ready to go – you are now the proud owner of a brand-new Unique driveway! Give us a call today to schedule a free in-home estimate and set out on the journey to a brand new look for your home!

Why go with stamped concrete or exposed aggregate for your driveway design.

Are you interested in taking your driveway to the next level by replacing it with some professional grade stamped concrete or exposed aggregate? Look no further. With over 3 decades of experience working in the Macomb County and Oakland County areas, Unique Cement has the knowledge and skill to bring your home to life with a gorgeous new decorative concrete driveway. Try stamped concrete for a rustic, stone- or slate- like appearance, or exposed aggregate, which offers a luxurious, nonslip peastone texture which is both beautiful and durable. Try out decorative accents and color mixes to give your driveway a truly unique style that will leave friends and family in awe. Check out our gallery to see what’s possible! 

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