Hand-finished concrete surfaces with unique stamp patterns

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete, also known as, textured or imprinted concrete, is achieved when adding a main integral color into the concrete mix. Our team then hand-finishes the concrete surface and prepares stamp pattern chose on the date of your consultation. A colored releasing agent or antiquing powder is applied to the finished concrete and concrete is then stamped with pattern of choice. Stamped concrete is 100% customizable to your personal preference and can be incorporated with many other decorative techniques to achieve a truly unique creation. Stamped concrete patterns can simulate the look of brick, stone, slate, wood, or even tile.

Stamped Concrete Cost

A stamped concrete finish built by Unique Cement generally ranges from $7-13 per square foot depending on size and design complexity. Stamped concrete is a solid one-piece reinforced construction that requires minimal maintenance. When compared to brick pavers, that become un-level, require regular maintenance schedules, and cost more….stamped concrete is built to last and is cost-effective.


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