Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate is a form of decorative finish achieved by removing the top layer of paste on the freshly poured concrete surface. This style of finish requires a special ready-mix design composed of sand, water, cement paste, and pea pebble rock also known as pea stone. Concrete is poured, leveled into place, and hand-finished. The concrete surface is allowed to partially set while surface retarder is sprayed on the entire project being exposed. Surface retarder is a chemical sprayed on the concrete, to delay the drying of the surface, while allowing the bottom to fully cure. Concrete surface is then power washed to remove concrete paste and expose decorative pea stone, this is where the term Exposed Aggregate originated from. Exposed Aggregate is rapidly becoming the decorative finish of choice because of its beauty and versatility. Exposed Aggregate has a rugged, non-skid surface that’s resistant to heavy traffic and Michigan’s extreme weather conditions, all while being virtually maintenance free.


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