Stamped Concrete, Exposed Aggregate and Concrete Driveway Articals For macomb and oakland county, Michigan


Driveway Replacement

Replacing your driveway is a simple four-part system we call the “Unique Transformation”

Step 1: Rip out existing aged, cracked, un-level, or deteriorating concrete and haul material away to a dump site.

Step 2: We then shoot elevation with an engineering transit level to ensure proper drainage away from your home.  After designating the proper pitch, we then begin building out forms for your new driveway, installed to dimensions specified on date of consultation. Once forms are laid out to proper dimensions we then check grounds for soggy, wet, soft soils and remove those bad soils. Crushed concrete or 21-AA is used as new base for your driveway and is compacted by ground compactor to ensure solid base for your new installation.

Step 3: In this step, we pour new concrete, which is 6-bag mix or 4,000psi concrete into form work. Concrete is poured and leveled with a magnesium straight edge, pulled by experts, insuring you are left with a flat level surface. The freshly poured concrete is then hand-finished by our skilled craftsman to remove all minor imperfections from the pouring process and is then broomed with your choice of finish.
-Straight Broom (Standard)
-Swirl Broom (Unique Cement Exclusive)

Step 4: After waiting the necessary time for concrete to dry, we then saw cut stress cuts or control joints with a walk-behind saw. We utilize this method for two main reasons; one is that it is a clean 1/16” cut that weeds or pesticides cannot grow in. The second reason being we can control the concretes stress factors preventing your new driveway installation from cracking. After the driveway is saw cut, project is then power washed to remove excess debris and job site is cleaned up. After waiting the necessary curing time, the driveway is yours to enjoy!

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Concrete Contractor: Macomb and Oakland County Michigan

Unique Cement is a cutting-edge leader in architectural concrete in Macomb and Oakland counties. Hiring the proper concrete contractor can be very crucial to a homeowner, that’s why we dedicate our time to answer your questions so you feel comfortable with what you are paying for. We are a fully licensed and insured company through the State of Michigan and have over 30 years of experience in our trade. Using only the highest quality materials, our company does not cut corners in order to cut costs.

Concrete Contractors: Southeast Michigan

Unique Cement services Macomb and Oakland counties, offering full-service concrete work at a reasonable cost to our customers.  We specialize in stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, traditional concrete, decorative concrete, and stained flooring. Unique Cement’s employees are trained experts in their field. We stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and are constantly making improvements to better serve you. Some consider this a job; we consider it passion for our trade.

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is the transformation of traditional concrete through the use of materials and techniques applied during the pouring process. These materials include; adding an integral color to the cement mix, specialty stone mixture, concrete staining, and concrete polishing.

-Decorative Concrete Finishes-

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete, also known as, textured or imprinted concrete, is achieved when adding a main integral color into the concrete mix. Our team then hand-finishes the concrete surface and prepares stamp pattern chose on the date of your consultation. A colored releasing agent or antiquing powder is applied to the finished concrete and concrete is then stamped with pattern of choice. Stamped concrete is 100% customizable to your personal preference and can be incorporated with many other decorative techniques to achieve a truly unique creation. Stamped concrete patterns can simulate the look of brick, stone, slate, wood, or even tile.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate is a form of decorative finish achieved by removing the top layer of paste on the freshly poured concrete surface. This style of finish requires a special ready-mix design composed of sand, water, cement paste, and pea pebble rock also known as pea stone. Concrete is poured, leveled into place, and hand-finished. The concrete surface is allowed to partially set while surface retarder is sprayed on the entire project being exposed. Surface retarder is a chemical sprayed on the concrete, to delay the drying of the surface, while allowing the bottom to fully cure. Concrete surface is then power washed to remove concrete paste and expose decorative pea stone, this is where the term Exposed Aggregate originated from. Exposed Aggregate is rapidly becoming the decorative finish of choice because of its beauty and versatility. Exposed Aggregate has a rugged, non-skid surface that’s resistant to heavy traffic and Michigan’s extreme weather conditions, all while being virtually maintenance free.

Concrete Staining

Stained concrete is the process of coloring existing concrete surfaces to give accent to surrounding colors adjacent to its surface. There are two main types of stain used to achieve special effects in concrete.

-Acid Stain: Acid stains are colors produced by chemical acids that react with the minerals in hardened concrete to create a transparent color that will never chip, peel, pop, or flake.

-Water-based Stain: Water-based stains produce colors that penetrate into concrete surfaces in an evaporation form.  The main difference between acid stains and water-based stains are; water based stains have a wider spectrum of desired colors and can be mixed together to create a custom color of your own. Water-based stains are generally more user-friendly because what you see is what you get color wise.

Stained Concrete Applications

-Borders in Stamped Concrete
-Borders in Exposed Aggregate
-Interior Flooring
-Accent Medallions
-Decorative Edgings
-Flower Beds

Benefits of Stained Concrete

-Cheaper alternative for tile and/or floor coverings
-Enhances natural beauty of concrete floors
-Adds definition
-Easy to clean

Concrete Polishing

During the concrete polishing process the concrete is transformed into a hard surface that will not chip or dent. Polished concrete is a maintenance-free solution to having a high-luster floor that’s naturally slip-resistant. Polished concrete can be customized by using stains, dyes, decorative bands, and scoring techniques. Your final result is an attractive, modern floor finish that will last you for decades without maintenance.

Concrete Cost

Concrete prices vary according to the concrete finish you are trying to achieve. Concrete is a very durable surface and we are proud to say we build our concrete projects to last.

Stamped Concrete Cost

A stamped concrete finish built by Unique Cement generally ranges from $7-13 per square foot depending on size and design complexity. Stamped concrete is a solid one-piece reinforced construction that requires minimal maintenance. When compared to brick pavers, that become un-level, require regular maintenance schedules, and cost more….stamped concrete is built to last and is cost-effective.

Concrete Design

Concrete design can vary from a standard driveway instillation to your most elaborate decorative concrete patio. Concrete is a cast-in-place substance that can be shaped and molded any which way to give you a truly unique and functional work-of-art. Design options include; multi-level patio construction, circle driveway installation, or a fancy snaked sidewalk leading to your porch and/or backyard oasis. Unique Cement has designed and created thousands of custom concrete projects suitable to our customer’s needs.

For more design ideas, please feel free to browse our galleries and call today to set up a free in-home estimate and design consultation.


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